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Staying Healthy In The Winter

December 16, 2021 3 min read

Staying Healthy In The Winter

The end of the year is always a little bittersweet. It signals the end of one year and the beginning of another one, and it’s usually filled with equal parts celebration and stress. So it’s no wonder that so many people find it hard to prioritize their health and fitness while trying to juggle everything else. 

But the winter blues doesn’t have to be the end of your fitness journey for the year. Here are some tips for staying healthy no matter how cold and gloomy it is outside. 

Get creative with how you approach your physical activity. 

One of the biggest roadblocks to staying healthy during the wintertime is how the weather affects your physical activity. When the temperatures are frigid in the morning and the sun has already set by the time you get off of work, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to get moving. Even if you’re in southern California and have the advantage of more forgiving weather, the subtle changes in the temperatures outside can still make it extra-hard to stay active. 

So you may have to rethink how you to fit your exercise into your daily schedule. If your normal morning workouts become less and less appealing because it’s too hard to get out of your warm bed, reschedule to an evening class. On the flip side, you might try getting your physical activity out of the way earlier when you know that you just want to go straight home after a long day in the office. You can also try joining a new fitness class to make exercise time a little more interesting, trying a virtual workout at home, or even hitting a quick cardio circuit during an afternoon break. 

However you change up your workout schedule, find some way to stay accountable - the important thing is to make a switch that you can keep up with even on the gloomiest days.  

Keep your diet (mostly) healthy by meal prepping. 

Winter is a notoriously hard time to stick to a healthy eating plan. Whether you’re dealing with holiday treats, craving comfort foods when it’s raining out, or dealing with endless parties and get-togethers, there are so many other delicious options out there that can make going home and making a salad feel like a chore. 

The best way to combat this and eat healthy even in the winter is to keep up with a meal prep schedule. Set some time aside during the weekends to prep healthy and hearty meals so that you have satisfying options in your fridge at all times. Meal prep is also an excellent way to ensure that you’re eating the correct portions for your health goals. 

To make your life even easier, try signing up for a meal prep delivery service that cooks and delivers healthy food options to your door. If you’re trying to meal prep in Los Angeles, use a service like My Healthy Penguin for delicious and satisfying menu options that rival even the most tempting treats and goodies out there. 

Go outside when you can. 

Spending more time in the great outdoors is one of the best things that you can do for your body and mind. Not only do you get to breathe some fresh air and get exposed to nature (something which many of us aren’t too accustomed to when we’re stuck inside all day), but it also gives you a chance to disconnect from the technology and put the screens away. Going outside can boost both your mood and your physical activity, plus getting more sunlight – yes, even the winter sunlight – is a good way to increase your vitamin D levels. 

When the weather permits, take some time every day to go outside. You can even move your workouts outdoors to get your blood flowing and increase your body temperature all while enjoying the amazing benefits that natural outdoor spaces can give you. 

Set aside some time every day for some self-care. 

We often overlook our mental health in the quest for better physical health, but the reality is that your mental health is an equally important part of the equation. It can be really easy to let yourself get overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed when it’s so gloomy outside and there’s so much on your to-do list, so it’s more important now than ever to give yourself some R&R. 

Take some time every day to practice a little self-love and relaxation. This can look like taking a warm and relaxing bath, giving yourself permission to do something non-productive that you really enjoy, treating yourself to a spa trip, practicing meditation – whatever you need to bring your stress levels down! 

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