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You’ve never heard of a meal prep??! Meal preps are a great way to keep you from having to eat out as much, or making unhealthy choices when eating out. Meal prepping also helps you eat consistently throughout the day so your body is always fueled and your metabolism stays healthy. My Healthy Penguin meal preps are focused on allowing you to eat the foods you love, but portion controlled, healthier ingredients, and guilt free!

Meal prepping can be challenging and somewhat frustrating, especially when you are doing it yourself. Most people don't have the time to change their personal menu and cook 5 different meals, so they end up cooking the same meal for every day of the week. You probably learned very quickly that this way of cooking isn't sustainable! Where other meal prep companies prepare the same meals, week in and week out, we do NOT! 

My Healthy Penguin® prepares 5 unique meals every week so you have variety throughout the week. There is a new menu posted every week; this way you aren't eating the same meals! We also take pride in our excellect customer service.

All of our meals are fresh, portion controlled, and ready to eat! Most of our meal preps come with 5 oz protein, 1/2 cup of carb or sides, and 1 full cup of veggies. On our pasta dishes, pastas noodles are usually the protein base.

If you are looking for a larger serving, or need more calories, add more protein or carb! After all, we aren’t judging! ;-)

-_____- How did you get here and not see our prices?

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The latest all orders are accepted for the upcoming Sunday delivery is Wednesday at 11:59 pm. Any order that occurs after will apply to the following week's delivery, not the current week delivery. If you have any concerns or questions or send us an email at hello@myhealthypenguin.com

We get a lot of spam so we would refrain from calling unless you have a specific question. We typically refer everyone to order on the website, since this is the best way to account all orders! If you would feel more confident placing it over the phone, call and ask for Christine at (909) 646-0705 to place your order. 

But please, we are human. Please do not call after business hours.  We probably won't answer, ......and you shouldn't be trying to order meals past midnight anyways. It's weird. 

We completely understand situations come up; however we can not in full confidence offer refunds after all meals are accounted for, prepared, prepped, cooked and delivered. All orders are non-refundable after Wednesday at 11:59 pm for the following Sunday delivery. If you would like a refund, it must be done before Wednesday. PERIOD.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call us at (909) 646-0705.

Woah now. We are human, and we admit we can make mistakes. We ask that if you feel you received an incorrect order, that you contact us immediately via phone at (909) 646-0705 or email us.


Please provide us with your order number, as well as the meals that you  did receive. We will do everything within reason to amend the error! After all, we understand errors can conflict with weight goals/diets! Thank you for your understanding.

If you still are unhappy, then we would resort to blaming our employee Steve. We can send you social media info so you can harass him upon request.

Absolutely NOT! There is nothing worse than cancelling your subscription and we know how that feels! When you order from our weekly menu, you are not locked in for the following weeks.

Scared you are going to forget? Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Social, or set reminders on your phone! It is 2021 after all.

The Meals

In order to checkout, you must have 1 meal pack minimum. You can add as many breakfast or add on menu items as you'd like, but there must be at least one meal pack in your cart.

Our dishes will stay fresh and delicious for up to 5 days from receiving. All meals must be refrigerated upon delivery. Freeze within 3 days for optimal freshness.

Allow meals to thaw 24 hours before eating. After all, we don’t know how tasty our meals are frozen...

Honestly, it depends. We are working on vegetarian and vegan items at the moment, however we can accommodate certain allergy requests. When you add your item to the cart, please add your order notes!

Still not sure? Please look at our menu and contact us at (909) 646-0705 or email us BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. We take allergies to be a serious matter and want to make sure we can fully accommodate.

No, our meals are not gluten free, however some meals may be Gluten Free naturally. We do not provide a GF menu or GF meals, especially since our meals are prepared in a kitchen that comes into contact with gluten. You may request no pasta and some sauces on the side as options.

Yes and Yes! All containers provided are microwave safe, BPA Free and 100% recyclable. We recommend taking out the 2 oz containers the sauces/sides usually come in before microwaving.

We currently just launched our brand NEW Breakfast Menu! We are still very early in launching this, so we are currently not allowing modifications such as "No Carbs, Extra Veggie, No cheese, etc" on our breakfast. Thank you for your understanding!

Before checking you, you must Agree to our Terms & Conditions. Right above it, there will be an area where you can input your order notes. If you do leave our site or click else where to add more items, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ORDER NOTES ARE STILL PRESENT.

When you receive your confirmation email, you will be able to review your order, as well as your order notes.

Important - If you don't see your order notes in the email, they did not go through. Please email us at hello@myhealthypenguin.com if this happens. Thanks!!


All deliveries are Contactless! You will recieve a text the day before your delivery with your Estimated Time of Delivery. The morning of, you can track your meals when they are 5 minutes away and view your time update in Real-Time.

Your driver will deliver your meals to your front door, ring your doorbell/knock, and send you a photo of your meals confirming delivery! You are more than welcome to leave an insulated bag or ice chest for them to place in. Also feel free to tip your driver ;-)

We would ask that you leave them at least 6 feet of space if you open the door while they are still present. This is both for their safety, as well as yours.

Yes. Depending on the amount of meals you selected, it will range from $6-$15.

Your delivery fee allows us to take care of our delivery drivers who work hard to get your meals to you fresh and on time! We would ask to be sure to tip them if you are satisfied! They work hard ;-)

At this current moment, we do not have a pickup location....for now ;-) We operate in a commercial kitchen and all meals are sent out for delivery to our customers. 

My Healthy Penguin® delivers on Sunday mornings between 7am - 4pm in the Inland Empire and parts of Los Angeles and Orange County.

You will receive an ETA text and email the day before at 8am with your estimated delivery time so no need to wait around!

Your driver will let you know, if in the rare occasion, they are running late.

We are currently delivering in the Inland Empire, as well as parts of the OC, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties. 

See Where We Deliver

You know what's awesome? WE actually email AND text you the day before your order your Estimated Time for Delivery. This will update the morning of and you can even track your driver when he's close, and if your time changes.  If anything changes, the time will change.

If you are not going to be at the delivery address during the time of your delivery, please leave a cooler or ice chest with ice packs out for us to place your meals so they stay fresh! You can even leave a note to leave at a neighbors house. Once your meals are deliverd, your driver will send a text with a photo of your delivery and confirmation.

Are you home when you order a pizza? ;-)

Our delivery service area is growing larger and larger so redelivering or accommodating each customer is not a simple task. All customers are sent a reminder email every Saturday morning to look out for their delivery the following day. 

All drivers have multiple routes and when someone isn't home to receive their meals, it holds up other deliveries.

As long as you write instructions in your notes, its not a problem. We are delivering food, so we would HIGHLY recommend you give your front office a heads up and ask that they be placed in a refrigerator. We are not responsible for stolen or lost meals.

If you live outside our delivery radius, you can always meet one of our drivers at one of our meet up spots. Shoot us an email and we will let you know where you spot would be at.

If you are meeting a driver because you live outside our delivery area, you will receive an ETA and an address in our closest city to you Saturday at 8am. Your driver will also txt you 30 minutes before hand to give you a more accurate ETA. It is your responsibility to be at the location to pick up your meals! Unfortunately, we can not allow refunds for meals that have already been accounted for, prepared, and on route to be picked up. We do NOT ACCOMMODATE alternative delivery dates. We do not offer any refunds on non-picked up or canceled orders the morning of delivery. All changes need to be made before Wednesday 11:59pm prior to delivery.  If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or call us at (909) 646-0705.

We can not accomdate address changes after 8am on Thursday morning. All routes are created and sent and it is not possible to change.

PLEASE review your confirmation email and verify your shipping address is correct.

Special Discounts or Arrangements

Great! We have a special arrangement with EM Speed that will allow your athlete's meals to be delivered directly to the EM Speed facility Monday morning to keep there in our on-site fridge. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order for the meals to be delivered to the facility on Monday, the Shipping address must be EM Speed. 

This will automatically be flagged on our end to be delivered Monday morning. If you wish to have the meals delivered to your home instead, that is also fine - you would then put your home as the shipping address, in which the meals would be delivered to your home Sunday along with our other deliveries.

When your driver delivers the meals on Monday morning, you will receive a confirmation text/email verifying the meals were delivered in the on-site fridge.

Yes we do! We offer all law enforcement, military, and fire. fighters 20% OFF their orders as our thank you to your service!

Please email Christine at hello@myhealthypenguin.com to get more information on how to get your promo code!