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Refund Policy

All Orders Once Placed Are Final!

There are NO refunds for orders once they are placed in our system.

If there is an error with your delivery, it is YOUR responsibility to notify us WITHIN 24 HOURS. We will reserve the right to correct your order, or reimburse/refund partial or full payment if My Healthy Penguin is at fault. We do NOT refund after 24 hours upon delivery.

There will be NO refunds if you fail to provide us with your special order request or notes. We prepare and deliver your food based on the information you provide us at checkout.  It is your responsibility to review your order at checkout and your emailed receipt. If your order looks incorrect, it is your responsibility to notify us of any errors prior to 11:59 pm on Wednesday. 

It is your responsibility to be at the designated shipping address you provide us during our delivery hours stated on our website.  There will be NO refunds if you are not able to receive your food. Our drivers are instructed to wait up to 5 minutes at the delivery address, leave the meals by the front door, and proceed on their route.