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3 Meal Prep Mistakes Newbies Make

December 18, 2019 2 min read

3 Meal Prep Mistakes Newbies Make

3 Meal Prep Mistakes Newbies Make

Meal prep takes a lot of time and commitment, but if you can get used to the routine and work involved, you can create the ultimate healthy lifestyle for yourself. Healthy meal prep takes a good deal of planning and forethought, but no matter what you do, you probably won’t be able to avoid making some of these everyday meal prepping mistakes: 

1. Prepping Snacks Instead of Meals

One of the cardinal sins of meal prep is not producing enough food. Like overeating, undereating can wreak havoc on your metabolism and health and can throw off your rhythm for the entire week. Something many healthy meal prep novices frequently do is create meals that are far too small actually to satisfy the appetite. 


Underestimating how much food you need to get through the day is a super common mistake, one that leaves many people feeling grumpy and dissatisfied with their first experience doing healthy meal prep. At My Healthy Penguin, we pre-portion your meals, so you are always guaranteed to have enough, but never too much. Integral to our success as a meal prep company, customers are still satisfied after eating a fresh meal from our line of healthy meal preps. 

2. Making Unbalanced Meals

Like portion control, the way you balance your meal also matters. To achieve a healthy diet, you need the right proportions of fats, carbs, proteins, etc. Newbies to the world of healthy meal prep are often at the beginning of their healthy-eating journey and are not yet equipped to design their own balanced, fresh meals. 


Instead of agonizing over making sure your macros are right, let My Healthy Penguin do the work! Our meals are pre-prepared to be perfectly balanced for optimal nutrition, and we do the job as your meal prep company to ensure each meal is as perfectly balanced as the last. 

3. Getting Bored of the Same Meals Every Week

One of the biggest reasons people give up on their healthy meal prep plans is because it only gets boring. Sure, the first few weeks of brown rice, broccoli, and a plain chicken cutlet might be tolerable, but your tastebuds will soon be screaming for a flavorful, fresh meal. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring, and it shouldn’t be. 


As a meal prep company, we realized early on that variety is the spice of life. My Healthy Penguin repeats meals, but not every week, so you don’t have to worry about eating the same thing multiple days or weeks in a row. Our unique healthy meal prep service offers a diverse array of fresh meal options that taste as great as they make you feel. 


Being the most convenient way to meal prep, My Healthy Penguin is also the best way to eat a diverse range of foods without overindulging or destroying your diet. Currently delivering fresh meals to countless happy customers around California, our meal prep company makes it easy to perfect the art of healthy meal prep without the newbie mistakes. 


Take the plunge and order your first meal prep delivery from My Healthy Penguin today!

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