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Let's Get These Blogs Going! Whats up with Meal Prep?!

November 18, 2019 3 min read

Let's Get These Blogs Going! Whats up with Meal Prep?!

Meal Prep Delivery - What is ALL the hype about meal prepping?

Meal prep, as we have all come to know, is merely cooking your meals in advance to save time, money, and ENERGY, most likely on a Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I like my Sunday for family and friends, not cooking. Meal preps are commonly used by people who intend to live healthier lifestyles or people who would instead do away with the stress of cooking in the first place. 

Meal Prepping Is easy, especially when you make all your meals at once!

There are tons of benefits to be gained from meal prepping your week’s meal, aside from cutting your cooking time optimally! Check out some of the benefits of meal prepping below:

  • Save time: DUH. On average, people spend 10-23 hours cooking weekly! That sounds like a lot. Can you think of how amazing it would be to have food in way less time, say 5 minutes because that’s all the time you need to eat a meal? Imagine having a meal delivery service to deliver food to your doorstep every time you want it. Imagine how sweet life would be when all you have to do is take a look at a menu, and you can have what you wish to - WITHOUT having to deal with pots and pans. Amazing right?!
  • Healthier meal choices: We are more likely to snack on meals when better options are not prepared in advance. This potentially leads to consuming additional calories that are not nutritious or in our required daily supplements. YES, I’m talking about those cookies you got for the kids, but somehow keep ending up in your mouth (guilty). By adopting ready-made options, you can easily find a wide variety of options that are tailored to work just for you! This is obvious if you either are ordering for yourself or ordering from a meal delivery service.
  • Variety of Options: This is a big one...As they say, variety is the spice of life, and when maintaining a diet, you want to make sure you have enough healthy options to choose from, so you won’t get bored! A person can only take so much chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli before losing it! A meal prep delivery service helps you grab any preferred meal, without going through any stress at all.
  • Money-saving: It may not seem like this is a big one, but it is. Oh yes, you get to save money through ordering meal preps as well as Tons of time! We all have said to ourselves that we will stick to our grocery lists, and we end up tossing items that catch our eyes as we shop into our carts (DAMN YOU TARGET). With grocery shopping, there is a tendency to include food items that you do not require, and you invariably end up spending more money. Can we also mention those spontaneous runs too fast food or frozen dinners that aren’t the healthiest or cheapest?
  • Portion control: This is probably what keeps most people from attaining their diet goals. With preparing meal preps, you are taking a practical approach to control your food intake, and in essence, cutting back food waste. It’s too easy to through that extra carb or order large fries. With meal prepping, it is much easier to consider PORTIONING out your meals more appropriate to your dietary needs. Have you ever struggled with mindless eating or the inability to execute a proper portion control? Meal prepping would save you from binge eating and gives an avenue for mindfulness while eating. This leads to satiety with every single meal and overall plays a significant role in building a habit towards better self-control. 


Dreading making your food list? Are you making your way to the store? And then having to cook it all?! If you want you Sunday back, then is the place for you! Let us be your meal delivery service that you can always trust to deliver. We are one of the leading meal prep delivery companies in the Inland Empire, and we take pride in our customer service! 

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