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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

February 20, 2020 3 min read

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

There are a lot of factors that prevent people from eating healthy. Difficulty changing habits, neglecting to plan ahead, and lack of cooking experience are all common reasons for people to avoid eating healthy, but for some, the problem is financial. In some cases, people simply don’t know how to budget for healthy meals, with processed options often being cheap and easily accessible. 

If you are one of those people that wants to have a healthy fresh meal every night but simply can’t seem to fit it in your budget, we’ve got a solution. Our meal delivery service fromMy Healthy Penguin is an affordable way to have a fresh meal ready and waiting each and every night. Our cheap food delivery services take the financial strain out of eating healthy so you don’t have to worry about your diet wreaking havoc on your budget. 

What is My Healthy Penguin?

My Healthy Penguin is a meal delivery service that provides pre-made fresh meals designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Meal prep isn’t easy for everyone to do on their own, which is why we do it for you! Our fresh meals are carefully formulated for balanced nutrition without compromising flavor, each one carefully portioned to help you avoid over or under eating. Best of all,our menus change weekly, so you’ll never be stuck eating the same meal day after day. 

My Healthy Penguin has delivering fresh meals to customers throughout Southern California since 2015 when we beganour mission to make healthy, sustainable, and affordable meals more accessible. Focusing on designing meals that people actually want to eat while keeping them healthy and balanced, our meal delivery service has quickly become a favorite amongst customers that want a convenient way to eat healthily. 

Affordable Meal Plans

There are plenty of reasons people love the fresh meals and meal delivery service from My Healthy Penguin, the least of which is how affordable we make our meal plans. Mostfood delivery is extraordinarily expensive, often costing more than it would cost to eat out at a restaurant. At My Healthy Penguin, we have worked hard to not only make our meal plans affordable but also to create a cheap food delivery service that won’t break your budget. 

Meal delivery service from My Healthy Penguin starts at just $60 a week for 5 healthy, pre-portioned meals; that’s just $12 per meal. Want more meals every week? 10 healthy meals cost only $105, a more cost-effective option with each meal costing just $10.50. Check out this overview of our starting prices for all of our affordable meal plans: 

At My Healthy Penguin, we also offer our special line ofNourish Bowls, each jam-packed with healthy ingredients and designed to help you stay energized and nourished throughout your day. Nourish Bowls start at $11-$12 and can be ordered separately or added to your weekly meal plan. 

Make a healthy choice for your body and your wallet and order your first week of fresh and healthy meals fromMy Healthy Penguin today!

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