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5 Things to do in Azusa

September 09, 2020 3 min read

Meal prep delivery service in Azusa, California

For those who live in Azusa, they are going to find that there are tons of things in the area and around that they can do during the day and weekends. These range from fun classes to awesome outdoor adventures that are going to be make from some must take Instagram photos to share with friends and family. With this being said, we have compiled a list of the top five things to do in Azusa. 



1. Bridge to Nowhere


The Bridge to Nowhere is a park in which hiking trails and history runs deep! It is one of the go-to places, as many people find that it is always busy with people who are taking in the sights. The good news is that the hike does not have a lot of steep or elevated locations to walk up, so it is great for those who are just beginning, who want to take their time and enjoy what nature has to offer. 


2. Bungee America


This is a theme park, but may not be the faint hearted since you will be bungee jumping off a bridge. However, those who have done this state that it is a thrill and an excellent way to cap off a long hike in the area. Safety is super important, so those who are directing the jumps are certified and ensure that each person understands what to do when jumping. They have various packages so you can jump to your hearts content.


3. Crystal Lake


Crystal Lakeis a campground and body of water in which many people visit to fish in. There are various campgrounds to choose from, and it is great for those who truly want to get back to nature with a tent and the items that they bring with them. There is also a close restaurant nearby for those who would rather come in for a meal rather than cook it via campfire that has the reputation for having great food.


4. Burron Canyon Shooting Park


This shooting range is one that many people go to when they are living in this area or simply passing through. The staff on hand is meant to teach about firearms as well as ensure everyone’s safety. So, this is not the place to go for those who are looking for more fun. They are all about educating and letting you have a location in which you can practice safely.


5. Fish Canyon Trail


This is a fairly easy hiking trail that many people find is a great way to go for a solo hike or to even hike with their entire family. Those who get to the end of the trail will see a beautiful waterfall that makes the entire hike worth it. This location is a part of the San Gabriel Valley and it is free. The entire trail usually takes three to five hours to walk, depending upon your speed.


Despite what you decide to do while living in Azusa, you are going to find that it will be tons of fun. And don’t put a damper on the fun by having to leave early in order to get home for dinner. While you could opt to eat out, that is not always the healthiest of options. Instead, go to My Healthy Penguin and have delicious meals sent to your home that will look like you slaved over a stove for hours! You and your family will love these delicious options that are super healthy, even for those who may have special diets they need to be on.

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