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Why You Need to Eat Your Veggies

July 06, 2020 2 min read

Why You Need to Eat Your Veggies

Most of us grew up taking for granted that we had to eat our vegetables, but for many adults, consuming vegetables is actually something of a chore. Veggies can be difficult to cook if you are not experienced with them, and are usually viewed as one of the least exciting things on the dinner table. While as an adult you may not be worried about missing your serving of veggies, there are some very real and important reasons to return to childhood with a reminder to consume some greens. 

AtMy Healthy Penguin, we create delicious meals that are packed full of all the nutrients your body needs, including a healthy serving of vegetables in every meal. Don’t worry, we’re experts at cooking, so our veggies always taste delicious! If you aren’t convinced just yet that your mom was right and vegetables are important, keep reading for a few facts about vegetables and your health. 

Vital Nutrients

Vegetables contain important nutrients your body needs to live a happy, healthy life. Veggies like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, and lima beans are high in potassium, an important nutrient for managing healthy blood pressure. The dietary fibers present in most vegetables can help keep cholesterol levels healthy and improve heart health. Vitamin A helps to boost immune support and supports healthy eyes and skin. Vitamin C helps the body heal and can help keep teeth and gums healthy. 

By eating a varied assortment of fresh and healthy vegetables, you’ll be providing your body with the nutrients it needs to stay happy, healthy, and comfortable. 

Weight Loss

Vegetables are typically low in calories, fats, and cholesterol, making them an excellent choice for filling out a meal or snacking during the day. Unlike high-fat and calorie foods, veggies can be consumed en masse without significant weight gain, and are therefore an excellent addition to the diet of anyone looking to lose weight. 

Chronic Disease

Consuming plenty of fresh and healthy vegetables may have an impact on the body’s susceptibility to chronic diseases and certain types of cancers. By supporting immune health, red blood cell production, heart health, healthy body weight, and more, vegetables are an excellent secret weapon to living a healthy and productive life. Basically, vegetables provide the building blocks your body needs to function properly and can help you stay healthy, maintain your ideal weight, and enjoy everything life has to offer. 

What if I Don’t Like Veggies?

Are you a long time veggie hater? Recent veggie hater? Veggie novice? If you want to increase your vegetable intake but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t worry, My Healthy Penguin has got your back! We createweekly menus featuring delicious new recipes, each featuring plenty of fresh and healthy vegetables. We cook and deliver our healthy meal preps right to your door in microwaveable packaging, so you can easily heat up your healthy meal prep in a jiffy. Once you try our recipes, you’ll be hooked. We make veggies taste so good, you’ll be wishing you had asked for extra!

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