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What Exactly Is A Meal Prep Service?

May 03, 2021 3 min read

What Exactly Is A Meal Prep Service?

Meal prep has been garnering more and more attention over the years. As many people start to notice how their eating habits can affect their energy, health, and wellbeing, more and more of us are starting to cook big, healthy batches of food so we can conveniently nourish ourselves all week long. 

And as meal prepping in general has become so popular, so have meal prep services. These companies, like My Healthy Penguin, aim to streamline the process and make meal prep as cost-effective and convenient as it can possibly be. 

So what exactly do meal prep services do – and should you look into one for yourself? 

Different Kinds Of Meal Prep Services

In short, meal prep services aim to combine the convenience of order-in dining with the fresh, health-conscious benefits of balanced, nutrition-oriented meal plans. 

Meal prep services can generally be divided into two different categories: meal prep kits and meal prep delivery services. 

  • Meal prep kits send you all the ingredients you need to cook a healthy meal. They will generally include specialty-crafted recipes, and most delivery services will have healthy options to appeal to the health-conscious consumer. 


You do still have to cook the food yourself, but these kits essentially allow you to skip the steps of searching for interesting recipes and going to the grocery store to get the items you need to actually make a healthy meal.  


  • Meal prep delivery services take care of everything from the recipe planning to the ingredient sourcing to the cooking, so all you have to do is pop your food into the microwave to get it ready to eat. 


As opposed to meal prep kits, which give their subscribers the chance to cook their meals at home, meal prep delivery services are targeted towards people who want to eat as healthy as possible but don’t have the time or energy to spend cooking. 

Meal prep delivery services are the most cost-effective and convenient options for most people. Because these delivery services take care of everything besides reheating, it’s the best, most efficient way to get healthy and consistent meals day in and day out. 

Meal prep kits are better suited for those who still want to cook, but don’t want to spend the time shopping around for healthy recipes and ingredients. You’ll also want to take the amount of food into account: meal prep kits for each meal generally only yield a couple of servings, so you’ll want to 

So in this case, we’ll mostly be referring to meal prep delivery services. 

How Do Meal Prep Delivery Services Work? 

The process for meal prep delivery services will vary, but the main idea is that you order the food you want, and then it’s delivered straight to your door. 

You generally get to choose the meals that you want based on your dietary restrictions and personal preferences. In most cases, you can also choose the number of meals you order per week. 

After your order is in, your meal prep delivery service will tell you when you can expect the food to be delivered to you. Depending on whether you choose a local or a nationwide service, your food will come either fresh or frozen. Make sure that you are aware of your delivery date and time and get your food into the proper fridge/freezer as quickly as possible to prevent spoiling. 

Finding The Right Meal Prep Delivery Service For Your Needs 

There are several options for meal prep delivery services, especially if you live in a big city like Los Angeles. The service you choose should be based on your dietary preferences, but you’ll also want to keep delivery and food quality in mind. 

Ideally, you’ll want to sign up for a local meal prep delivery service. This means that they’ll cook your meal prep in a location close to you and deliver them fresh, rather than frozen. For example, those looking for a meal prep delivery service in the Inland Empire might consider My Healthy Penguin, a healthy meal prep service that delivers to the Inland Empire as well as parts of the Los Angeles and Orange counties. The food is cooked and delivered weekly, meaning you’re eating fresher. 


There are a variety of different meal prep services out there, but the most convenient option for most people will be meal prep delivery services. If you’ve decided to take the leap and put the healthy cooking in someone else’s hands, check out My Healthy Penguin! 

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