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Today, We Launch Penguin Kid Meals!!

March 16, 2020 2 min read

Today, We Launch Penguin Kid Meals!!

👦👧Penguin Kid’s Meals! It’s out! A month early, but it’s here.

As a mom, I have struggled with the typical “I’m hungry! What's there to snack? What’s for lunch?”- repeated on a loop during spring breaks and summer. 😡 I had this idea last Spring but never got around to it. Finally, after the craziness of January, I put it on my calendar to DO with the original launch date for April 6th. Throw in our school districts shutting down due to the coronavirus, and I can only imagine what parents must be going through. Actually, I don’t have to - I have 2 kiddos home right now asking what for I decided to launch it today to help all parents out there who will be struggling these next 3 weeks with kids at home. I know this will be helping me out too!

With every new product or new recipe idea that I have, it all requires time. Time to plan, test out, and schedule a photoshoot. After brainstorming with my daughter, Maddie, and asking her to be a part of this new product line for@myhealthypenguin, we came up with this menu that is kid-friendly and with all her favorite meals. I have made these from our standard MHP menus but are more kid-friendly. The only problem was, she never could finish a normal portion meal. So I found these smaller containers that were the perfect size for kids! I made a handful of each of these meals the day I did the photoshoot and gave them to my cousin, a friend, and 2 employees- all who have kids ages 3-11 and got feedback!

This is something that I have been passionate about providing to kids. My hope is this offloads some of the stress of trying to eat healthy in your home - Let's set an example for our families! Our kids should be eating healthy, the same way we focus so much on our own health.

The menus will stay as is, since we ALL know kids are creatures of habit, right? Our minimum if you order just kids meals is 8 kids meals, OR, like our nourish bowls, you can order your own weekly meals and throw in a couple for the kids! As always, please bare with us as we try to fine-tune everything. This week will not have labels due to the rush to push this through, but ALL macros and ingredients can be found on our website!

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