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Our Promise to You - An Update due to COVID-19

March 12, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Our Promise to You - An Update due to COVID-19


I'm sure we have all been up to date by the minute in regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19). We can assure you, the health and safety of our customers and team members is our highest priority. However, due to the growing concern for our communities safety, we want to ensure your trust.

As a business owner, I can assure you I am doing anything and everything I can to stay up to date and monitor this evolving situation. We have contacted our food distributors as well, and have been reassured that for now and the foreseeable future, it's business as usual.

Our team in our kitchen adheres to comprehensive hygiene and food handling protocols, and we reiterate our cleanliness protocols at every shift. We also have upped the number of times our kitchen is sanitized and cleaned.

For the next few weeks, we would ask our customers to help us sustain a healthy community and opt-in a NON-CONTACT Delivery. We would ask that if AT ALL POSSIBLE - to leave an insulated bag, ice chest, or a note that lets our driver know to leave your meals at the door to minimize the amount of contact our drivers have. Your driver will place the meals in any of your provided cooler/bag and will immediately send a photo to your phone confirming the delivery. You also can view your ETA that is sent out weekly to confirm delivery.

We are thankful to you all for your continued support and belief in this healthy food business! We will continue to deliver on our promise of fresh and healthy meals being delivered to your door. If you would like to update your delivery instructions, please DM or email us by midnight tonight, specifically if you would like a NON-CONTACT delivery on Sunday. Make sure to include your order number! Stay clean, everyone!

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Ester Galvan
Ester Galvan

August 06, 2020

Thank you for your reassuring message that your team is doing all they can to ensure proper hygiene, food handling and are taking precautions with your drivers regarding coronavirus . As you recommended, we would like to opt-in for a non-contact delivery moving forward.

Thank you also for confirming that your food distributors will continue to function as business as usual. We are pleased that we can count on you and your meal prep services during this challenging time.

Thank you,

Ester Galvan

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