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Losing the Holiday Weight with Meal Prep

January 20, 2020 3 min read

Losing the Holiday Weight with Meal Prep

For some of us, the holidays are a time for unbridled indulgence in our favorite fatty, salty, sweet, and savory foods. Though these foods might not be too terrible in moderation, during the holidays, most of us leave our moderation at the door. If you feel a little slower or heavier after the holidays, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll give you a few tips for losing that weight and getting healthy in preparation for next year’s cheat season! 

Get Control of How Much You Eat

One of the biggest reasons so many of us gain weight over the holidays is due to a lack of portion control. Portion control is a vital ingredient to losing or maintaining weight. By eating more than your regular portions, you will, of course, gain weight. Now that the holidays are over, try meal prepping to take control of your portion again. 


Healthy meal prep can help you be sure that you are always eating consistent portions, and can help you avoid over-eating out of habit. At My Healthy Penguin, we meal prep for you, creating healthy meals and a meal delivery service, so portion control is effortless. 

Eat Clean and Avoid Processed Foods

You may have been reaching for your favorite candies, cakes, and refined products over the holidays. Now that we are well into the Roaring 2020s, it’s time to DITCH the sugar for cleaner foods. With a meal delivery service like healthy meal prep options from My Healthy Penguin, eating clean and avoiding the temptation of just eating crackers and cheese for all your meals is much easier. Having fresh and healthy meals on hand is so essential to avoiding quick, convenient foods like chips, candy, salty snacks, etc. 

Balance Your Diet

The holidays are not a time for eating a balanced diet, and many of us find ourselves eating carb and sugar-heavy throughout the season. If you are ready to get back to eating a healthy, balanced diet, healthy meal prep options from MHP are the perfect way to get started and stay on track. Meal prep meals from MHP are carefully constructed to be perfectly balanced, featuring customizable options so you can get what your body needs. 


Choose from 5, 6, or 8 ounces of protein per meal, decide how many carbs you want, or ditch the carb all together and go for extra veggies. Vegetarian? No problem, we can easily substitute tofu as a protein for most of our delicious healthy meal prep options. 

Reduce Your Stress

Although the holidays are a time for celebration, they can also be pretty stressful. Many of us overextend to buy gifts, travel and make the holidays extravagant for our loved ones. Though it may make the holidays feel more special, this can also have an impact on your health, including your weight. Reducing your stress and working to manage your life in more productive and healthy ways can help you lose weight and feel healthier. 


With meal prep delivery service from My Healthy Penguin, we can help you reduce your stress and get on track to feeling healthier. Rather than worrying about buying healthy ingredients and cooking healthy meals, let us bring healthy meal prep options right to your door. Our Meals are guaranteed fresh, delicious, and healthy! My Healthy Penguin healthy meal prep meals are a convenient and reliable way to help you take control of your life. 


Sign up for your first week of healthy meal prep delivery from My Healthy Penguin today! 

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