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Let’s Talk About Whether Or Not Your Meal Prep Is Actually Healthy

August 25, 2022 3 min read

Let’s Talk About Whether Or Not Your Meal Prep Is Actually Healthy

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in cleaning up your diet and eating healthy … but what does “healthy” mean, exactly? With all the various diets, supplements, and opinions out there (and especially in Los Angeles, where everyone seems to have an opinion on what it means to be healthy), it can be hard to decipher what you’re actuallysupposed to be eating. 

Don’t worry – we’re here to break things down and make it as easy as possible to understand what “healthy eating” really means. Here’s how to tell whether or not your meal is a healthy one – and how you can find better healthy food in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. 

First: the portion size

One of the first things to look at when you order a meal is how much food comes with each serving. Serving sizes are one of the biggest variables that can take your meal from a healthy one to an overindulgent one, so you want to make sure that your meal prepped dish is suitable for just one meal size to avoid overeating (and an excess of less-healthy nutrients like fats and added sugar). 

Something important to note: everyone’s nutritional and caloric needs are going to be different than the person next to them. Slow down and notice how your food affects you: at the end of your meal, you should feel satisfied but not overly stuffed. If you leave each meal feeling uncomfortably full, it could be a sign that you need to cut your portion sizes. 

Next: the veggies and starches

Contrary to popular belief, your meal doesn’t have to be a bland, boring salad in order to be healthy! However, a well-balanced meal will have a good variety of vegetables represented. Vegetables contain a ton of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients, so the healthiest meals will have plenty of them present. A good visual cue is plenty of colors on your plate: each natural color found in fruits and other plant-based fare is an indicator of a unique phytonutrient that your body needs! 

After evaluating which vegetables are present, you can also look at the starches (in other words, the carbohydrates). These should be present in a decent amount (roughly one or two cupped hands worth). Your plate also gets bonus points for using complex carbohydrates: think whole grains, sweet potatoes, lentils, and legumes, which generally have more nutrients per serving than simple carbs like refined pasta or white rice. 

Then, the protein. 

Now onto everyone’s favorite part of the meal: the protein! 

Protein is essential for maintaining your muscles and for keeping you full and satisfied after eating. Protein can come in many different forms. For example, meat, poultry, and fish are among some of the most popular options for protein, but you can also find plant-based protein in foods like tofu, beans, and chickpeas. Your protein should be roughly the size of one-quarter of your plate. 

Then the fat.

Yes, a little bit of healthy fat is good for you! The important thing here is to make sure that you’re eating them in very moderate amounts – for example, a dollop of olive oil-based dressing is a healthy serving for most people. 

How To Find Healthy Meal Prep Options In The Greater Los Angeles Areas

If you’re looking for a meal prep delivery service in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, or the Inland Empire that specializes in healthy, mindful meals, check out My Healthy Penguin! We deliver healthy meal prep options that are specifically optimized for the needs of you and your family, so you can take all the guesswork out of healthy eating. With an ever-rotating menu and plenty of delicious favorites, you’re sure to find healthy meals that’ll keep you satisfied all week long. 

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