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Just Heat, Then Eat! Why Busy Riverside County Residents Are Loving Meal Prep Delivery Services

August 31, 2022 3 min read

Just Heat, Then Eat! Why Busy Riverside County Residents Are Loving Meal Prep Delivery Services

Photo by Ari Alqadri: 

So you’ve just gotten off of work and have been running around all day long … then, that eternal question hits: what’s for dinner? 

If you’re anything like the rest of us busy professionals and parents, this question is one of the most annoying things to think about. Life is busy, hectic, fun, stressful, and everything in between – so who really has the time in their schedule to dedicate to hours in the kitchen? 

Here’s why busy people in Riverside County and beyond are loving the convenience of healthy meal prep delivery services like My Healthy Penguin. 

No more aimless grocery store visits. 

When you’re trying to clean up your diet, the grocery store can be a confusing place. You know you need to eat a ton of vegetables, complex carbs, and lean protein, but who has time to look up ways to make those ingredients into a meal that’s actually appetizing? 

With meal prep delivery, you don’t need to do the dreaded “healthy grocery trip” anymore – you’re letting someone else do it for you. All delicious and nutritious meals are already cooked and presented in a perfect individual portion, so no more time spent wandering the grocery aisles on the quest to improve your lifestyle. 

No more dinnertime indecision. 

Or, let us know if this other situation sounds familiar: you already hit the grocery store for your weekly food trip, and just bought a bunch of ingredients that seem pretty healthy that you’d want to feed yourself and your family. But then the busy week comes around, and it just feels like way too much time and effort to look up a healthy yet tasty recipe …. and, most crucially, actually bring it to life. So you waste time scrolling around, being uninspired by your recipe choices, then just end up whipping up something quick but not exactly health-oriented, like a frozen meal. Sound familiar? 

Imagine eliminating all of the guesswork out of it and simply knowing that you’re going to be eating a healthy, almosthome-cooked meal every day without the indecision. That’s the beauty of meal prep delivery services! 

No more time spent ordering takeout and delivery every couple of nights.

It happens to the best of us: with all the stuff on our plate, dedicating an hour to cooking in the kitchen just isn’t always a priority, and food delivery just sounds easier. But if you’re trying to be healthier, you often end up paying for those indulgences later with more time spent in the gym and more effort wasted. 

But with My Healthy Penguin, you only need to do your shopping once, and it couldn’t be easier to do! Just choose from the delectable options offered for the week, and you’re set. You just need to make sure someone’s home to pick up your meal prep delivery and pop everything in the fridge. Then, when you’re ready to eat throughout the week, all you need to do is reheat in the microwave. 


Let’s get real: we have too much going on sometimes to focus on spending time in the kitchen and figuring out how to turn healthy ingredients into a healthy meal that’s actually tasty. Using a meal prep delivery service is a much more cost-effective and time-saving way to ensure that you and your family are getting all the nutrients you need without sacrificing on flavor! Check out My Healthy Penguin for tasty and fitness-forward meal prep delivery in Riverside County – and get ready to enjoy all that time that you can now dedicate towards the stuff that really matters

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