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Is Meal Prepping Right For My Goals?

April 30, 2021 3 min read

Is Meal Prepping Right For My Goals?

There are a lot of diets and eating plans out there, and it can get confusing. They all claim to be the best way to get healthy, reach peak fitness, and live your best and most abundant life. But with all that different, often-conflicting information out there, it can be really hard to determine what’s actually right for your health goals. 

One thing is for sure, though: no matter what kind of dietary plan you’re following, you need to make sure that you’re preparing yourself and setting yourself up for success if you want to accomplish your goals. And there’s no better way to prepare than by meal prepping.  

In short: yes, meal prep is probably the right move for you, no matter what your goals or eating preferences are! Here’s why you should be meal prepping if you have any fitness, weight loss, or health goals. 

Why Meal Prep Is Great For Getting Healthy

Meal prep isn’t a diet – it’s a lifestyle and a habit that you can use for the rest of your life. And if you want to make any meaningful progress, you should look towards making lifestyle changes that you can maintain for the long run. 

If you fall into the habit of meal prepping every single week, it means that you’re always going to have thought-out, well-planned meals available whenever it’s time to eat. You’ll be more likely to eat the healthy, delicious foods that are already in your fridge, rather than heading out and buying the convenient meals from restaurants or fast-food places that could sabotage your goals. 

Combining meal prep with other healthy habits – getting enough sleep, moving and staying active, for example – is a great way to set yourself up for success both in the short and long term. 

What About Losing Weight? 

Meal prep and weight loss often go hand in hand! In fact, weight loss is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to meal prep or sign up to a meal prep delivery service in the first place. 

Meal prep is all about consuming the correct portions, having easy access to healthy meals rather than convenient low-quality options, and getting into a regular eating schedule. And luckily, those are all the healthy habits that you need to establish in order to lose weight! 

Of course, when you start to meal prep for weight loss, you’re also going to want to watch your calories. The best way to determine the right way to meal prep for your weight loss goals is to calculate how many calories your meal prep is giving you – or even better, using a meal prep delivery service that takes care of that math for you. 

Is Meal Prep Right For Gaining Muscle? 

Most of us know that gaining muscle means hitting the gym, but what people often fail to realize is that your diet is just as important as your workouts in this case. Eating the right amount of calories, enough protein, and the right balance of carbohydrates and fats can make a world of difference in your physique and fitness goals. 

Meal prep is an invaluable tool for many people who are serious about their fitness goals because it means that you have convenient, ready-to-eat options available at your fingertips whenever you’re done with a workout or need the right fuel. 

For the best results, be sure to plan out your meals carefully and put the focus on lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and healthy starches like whole grains. You can also sign up for a health-conscious meal prep delivery service if you want to spend less time planning and cooking and more time working out and staying active. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what your health goals are for yourself, you can rest assured that meal prep fits into the equation. No matter how much you work out or how active you are, having fresh, convenient, and, most importantly, healthy options on hand can make a world of difference. 

If you’re looking to simplify the meal prep process, try a meal prep delivery service! My Healthy Penguin can take care of the planning for you and deliver those healthy meals straight to your door so there’s one less thing you need to do in order to reach your goals. 

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