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How to Meal Prep And Eat Healthy When You Don’t Have Access To A Microwave

October 23, 2020 3 min read

Fresh and Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door in the Inland Empire

Meal prep can make eating right very simple for thebusy workertrying to get healthy, but this lifestyle generally does require using a microwave to safely reheat food. Many people have microwaves in their home but run into issues when they’re at work and can’t properly heat their food during their lunch break. If your job requires you to be on the go, or if your office doesn’t have an accessible microwave, you may have dismissed meal prep as a feasible option for you and resorted yourself to a lifetime of sad deli sandwiches and cold cuts. 

Luckily, there are definitely still some good meal prep options for you, no microwave required. Before you give up and decide to hit the drive-through yet again, here are some ideas to for meals on the go! 

Invest in a car oven 

If your work situation means that you’re in a vehicle for the majority of the day with no access to a microwave, you’re in luck. Car ovens exist and might be a good option for you. 

These portable heating elements can be plugged in to the cigar lighter socket in your vehicle and use the energy from your car’s battery to warm your food up while you’re on the job. Even if your prepped meals are frozen, you can throw it into the fridge to defrost slightly overnight, then pop it into the car oven while you drive to bring it up to a safe eating temperature by lunchtime. Have a healthy, balanced meal without even stepping foot out of your car! 

This can also come in handy during long road trips when healthy food options are notoriously hard to plan for. Just bring a cooler filled with ice and your prepped food, plug in your car oven, and enjoy the convenience of having a kitchen and nutritious food on the road – no drive through required. 

Pack some ready-to-eat options for lunch. 

Sometimes, all you need is a fridge or an insulated lunch bag to have a healthy lunchtime meal. This doesn’t have to mean that you’re eating the same sandwich or salad for lunch – although there are definitely ways tomake these lunchtime staples more interesting AND make meal prep convenient! 

Get creative and play around with your lunch menu, utilizing ingredients that don’t have to be reheated. Look beyond the produce aisle for ideas – some of the best foods that don’t need to be cooked or reheated come in cans and jars. For example, you can:

  • Roast chickpeas and throw them together with olives, rotini pasta, fresh veggies, feta cheese, and an herby dressing for a pasta salad with a Mediterranean twist 
  • Grab pickled veggies (or make your own!) and combine them with cooked pork and Sriracha for a banh mi sandwich that can hold up during the day and be eaten on the go 
  • If you’re feeling really creative, look into making your own sushi or poke bowls! Make sure that the fish you are buying is sushi grade – uncooked seafood that is not meant to be eaten raw can present food safety issues. 

Alternatively, if you tend to eat your lunch fairly early on in your shift, you might be able to get away with heating up your food at home and placing it into a very well-insulated food container that keeps it at a hot temperature. This can work very well for foods like soups that can be held in a thermos for a couple of hours. 

Finding Microwaves On Your Route

It can be frustrating trying to eat healthy when you’re on the road for work and just want to eat a hot meal without paying restaurant prices (both financial and health-wise!). 

While more of a last-ditch effort, in some cases, you may be able to find a microwave that you can use at a gas station or local market. Do make sure to ask first – some food safety laws or company policies will prohibit bringing in outside food to use the microwave.  

In conclusion, your healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be limited just because you don’t have access to a microwave. 

It may take a little more planning, but satisfying, healthy options are just as available to you as someone with a microwave. Always remember to practice food safety when you are eating food that is not heated, keep cold foods cold in insulated lunch boxes, coolers, or the fridge, and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle on the go! Want meals to go in Rancho Cucamonga? Order your meal preps from us, My Healthy Penguin. We deliver fresh, healthy and ready to eat meals directly to your door. Serving the Inland Empire and parts of the OC and LA Country!

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