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Why Non-Subscription Meal Prep Delivery Services Are Better

April 05, 2022 3 min read

Why Non-Subscription Meal Prep Delivery Services Are Better

Looking for a meal prep delivery service in Los Angeles that isn’t subscription-based? You’re in the right place. 

Meal prep delivery services have been all the rage in the past couple of years, and for good reason. They’re the best way to eat healthier more consistently without having to spend hours of time each week planning, cooking, and stressing about how to stay on track with your nutrition goals. 

But many meal prep delivery services require a subscription, which isn’t going to be the right fit for everybody. So the solution? Use a meal prep delivery service like My Healthy Penguin that doesn’t require a subscription! 

Here’s why non-subscription meal prep delivery services are the perfect solution for people looking to eat healthy without locking themselves into spending their whole paycheck. 

  1. Your needs may change over time. 

The support that you need from a meal prep delivery service may not always be the same throughout your health and fitness journey. 

Consider this example. When you start using a meal prep delivery service, you might need at least one healthy meal (or even all three meals!) every day to help put you down the right path to better eating all day long. But down the line, you might find that you only need a couple of meals a week, or even just the occasional order every once in a while, for convenience’s sake. Or you might go on a long vacation one week and realize that you don’t need the same amount of food delivered to you that you normally do. And if you’ve ever tried to go on a diet or change your eating habits, you know that life can sometimes throw some unexpected curve balls like events or tragedies that prevent you from sticking a set meal plan. 

Using a meal prep delivery service that isn’t based on a subscription is a great way to have total control over your needs every single week. This amount of freedom means that you can always rest assured that you have everything you need for healthy eating, but on your own terms! 

  1. No unexpected charges. 

One of the biggest benefits of meal prepping and using meal prep delivery services is that they are highly cost-effective, especially when compared to other healthy eating solutions like diet plans and weight loss programs. But if you sign on for a subscription service, you may find that it’s costing more money than you really need to be spending. 

Subscriptions often mean that you’re locked into paying for the service even if you don’t need it for that month. If you forget to cancel your subscription in time, you may find yourself with a fridge full of unusable foods and a hefty sum out of your wallet that’s gone to waste. 

So using a meal prep delivery service without the subscription charges means that you’ll never have to pay an unexpected bill. You buy what you need and save money when you don’t, and it’s an overall more efficient and cost-effective system when you don’t have to worry about flat-rate subscription prices and wasted food. 

  1. No commitment necessary. 

Not sure if using a meal prep delivery service is right for you just yet? If you don’t have to pay a subscription fee, you don’t have to lock yourself in to anything! 

With subscription-based services, you’ve paid a fee regardless of whether or not you actually end up liking the foods that they offer. Unfortunately, if you decide that you don’t like or no longer want to use that subscription service, you’re still out of that money. With a non-subscription meal prep delivery service like My Healthy Penguin, you get more freedom over how much you want to spend and how many meals you’d like to get. The best part? If you decide that it isn’t for you, you’ve only spent the money on those meals and won’t have to deal with any cancellation charges! 


While they were invented to make eating healthy easy, subscriptions can actually make your health and fitness journey a whole lot more complicated than they need to be. If you want to take total control of your health and fitness journey, use a meal prep delivery service that doesn’t require a subscription! My Healthy Penguin delivers fresh, healthy meals straight to your door in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles without the unnecessary charges or commitments. 

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