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Your Diet Isn’t Working

December 19, 2021 3 min read

Your Diet Isn't Working

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose a significant amount of weight knows: it isn’t always easy. 

It’s hard to stick to an extreme or restrictive diet, especially when you’re watching the people around you enjoying their food. It’s also hard to stick to something long-term when it doesn’t give you much to look forward to – after all, when all you have on your menu is another boring salad, it’s really, really easy to find more interesting options elsewhere! 

Dieting doesn’t always work the way that we want it to – but a carefully curated meal prep plan can solve those issues. Here’s how you can use a meal prep delivery service to overcome the most common dieting pitfalls. 

Dieting Can Be Boring

Let’s face it: “diet foods” are not always exciting. 

Successful weight loss happens when you eat fewer calories than your body uses every day. When this happens, your body has to “burn” through some of its reserve stores for energy instead, and this generally leads to weight loss. So when you’re dieting, you have to pick lower-calorie items like vegetables and lean proteins more often. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t always appealing, especially not in the long run. If you don’t have a wealth of healthy recipes that are also delicious, you probably end up eating boring and bland meals pretty often – think uninspiring salads and flavorless chicken breast. Is there any wonder why you’re craving other stuff instead? 

Meal prep delivery services with vast menus like My Healthy Penguin are an easy answer to this dilemma. With ever-changing menus that are tailored towards your health goals, you can enjoy your mealtimes and rest assured that they’re still planned to target your weight loss goals.  

You Never Have Enough Time

You probably have a lot of stuff that you need to take care of every day, from kids to work to your personal life. It often leaves people feeling like 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough – so it’s no surprise that cooking and hitting the gym regularly often fall to the wayside. 

If you’re like many busy people with full schedules, this usually means that you’re reaching for the convenient processed options in the grocery store rather than cooking a healthy meal from scratch. 

Meal prep delivery services are one of the most invaluable tools for those busy bees out there. You can buy up to a week’s worth of healthy meals delivered straight to your door, which cuts your grocery store shopping time significantly. Then, you don’t even have to cook – just reheat your meal and go on with your day! That means more time for all your other pursuits without compromising on your health goals. You may even be able to hit the gym now that you don’t have to spend valuable time in the grocery store or in the kitchen. 

You Don’t Know How To Make Appropriate Serving Sizes 

Even if you do have the time and energy to stick to a diet, a lack of proper nutrition knowledge can be a huge obstacle to weight loss. Two of the most common pitfalls of dieting are: 

  • Eating too little – when you know that you need to be at a caloric deficit, you might start eating way less than your body really needs. Unfortunately, this can mess with your metabolism and leading to overindulging later in the day, and it’s also incredibly unsustainable if you want to maintain your results for longer than a couple of weeks. 
  • Not having a good enough grasp of the amount of calories you’re actually eating– you might be overestimating or underestimating how much you’re eating every day, which can lead to weight plateaus and frustration no matter how much time and effort you’re putting towards your diet 

Meal prep can solve both of these problems by ensuring you always have a standardized portion that fits exactly into your caloric needs for the day. 

Use A Meal Prep Delivery Service Instead

A meal prep delivery service is by far the easiest way to stay on track to your fitness goals. By using a service that plans delicious, well-portioned meals and delivers them straight to your door, you can minimize the worry, time, and effort that it takes to eat healthily. 

My Healthy Penguin makes delicious and health-conscious meals and delivers directly to customers in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire. With an ever-changing menu that your whole family will love, you’ll never have to struggle to stay on track with your goals again. 

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