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Pasadena Meal Prep Delivery

Busy Lifestyles

We know life is...busy. The weekend comes along and all you want to do on your Sunday is drive around Old Town Pasadena or Colorado Blvd with the dog; perhaps even stop and workout over at the Rose Bowl Stadium- BUT you now have to prep your meals! Order from My Healthy Penguin®'s new weekly menu's and NEW Breakfast to take back your Sunday's. We deliver Sunday morning straight to your home! Don't want to wait? Thats why we send ETA's via text message the day before!

Fresh Meal Prep Delivery

Let's just say, delivering healthy meals in Pasadena is My Healthy Penguin®'s thing! When you are a delivery service, you know when the 210 and Colorado Blvd, South Pasadena Ave or Del Mar Blvd are the best streets to take, especially during rush hour. We deliver fresh, healthy meals every Sunday morning to your home. Not going to be home? Don't worry! Thats why we send ETA's so you know exactly when to expect your delivery.  Leave out an ice cooler or insulated bag and your driver will place your meals in the bag and send a message!

Why Cook?

We get it - Pasadena has plenty of healthy food options to shop at like the 1810 Restaurant or the romantic Cafe Santorini. Sure you can get in the long lines at Whole Foods, or head over to Sprouts. If you had a Friday morning off, you could even head over to Caltech and walk around the campus! We know that life doesn't always allow for time for shopping. That's exactly why My Healthy Penguin® changes our menu every week, bringing healthy and diversity to our meal service

Adventure in the 626

Pasadena is known for its home to JPL, Norton Simon Museum or even the Rose Parade. Life is meant to get out, and breathe the fresh air after all! Spend more time living and less time in the kitchen. Our team at My Healthy Penguin® puts together new recipes every week, pre-portions and delivers our fresh healthy meals to your door. Stop stressing! Did we mention our containers are recyclable? Feel free to reuse for any left overs and make sure to order before midnight on Wednesdays!