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Welcome to My Healthy Penguin! Our loyalty program allows you to level up at every purchase. You can gain points by signing up with an account, for your birthday, or by referring a friend! This helps you stay healthy with good meals and save money over time! How awesome right??!

When you create an account within our website, you automatically get a loyalty account created for you to use. Check out the information below to learn more about how the program works, and where you can redeem your rewards!


Where Do I Go to Sign Up For Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Program
Click here to find our loyalty program!

How Do I Sign Up?

How Do I Sign Up
Signup is super simple, check out the link [here] to sign up if you are a guest. If you are already a store account holder, you should already have a loyalty account created when you signed up to the site. Please double check with the link above or on the bottom right hand corner of the window. 

How Do I Earn Points?

How Do I Earn Points
Points are earned three different ways: 
  1. Signing up for the loyalty program [here] gets you 250 points
  2. On every placed order you get 2 points for each dollar spent
  3. For your birthday, you get 1,000 points, enter your month and day [here]. Important: Make sure you enter your birthdate at least a month in advance to enjoy the rewards. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till next year, and thats no fun :(
You can be a guest on the site and still earn points, but you have to create an account if you want to redeem them to be applied to your future order. 
Start earning points [here].

How Do I Redeem Points?


How Do I Redeem Points?
Currently we offer 3 redemption levels: . 
  1. 1,000 points for $10 dollars off
  2. 2,000 points for $20 dollars off
  3. 3,000 points for $30 dollars off 
When you see you have enough points on your redemption screen, click on your qualifying reward, then click ‘apply code’ to redeem rewards toward your order. 
You can redeem points [here].

How Do I Refer Friends & Family to Get Points?

How Do I Refer Friends and Family to Get Money Off
Refer a friend to order and when they complete a purchase, you get $10 OFF your next order AND they get $10 off their first order they place. 
Referrals can be emailed to friends directly, or shared on your social media platforms. This is done by sharing your unique referral URL found in the loyalty button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 
IMPORTANT - When your friend clicks on the link and enters their email, they must  click “apply code” to see the discount on their purchase. Until they make a purchase, you won't see the reward on your account. If you don't see points in your account but you know you referred a friend who ordered, it either means they never placed an order OR they used a different code. In these instances, you can always email us, and we can verify on our end!

Hey! I Referred Someone, But I Don’t See Points In My Account!

Well, this is awkward...this most likely for these reasons: Your referral didn't order or use their link you sent them, or they weren’t a first time customer.
That's not fun, so I would follow up with your friend.  Friends with referral links must click the link and complete a purchase for you to receive your reward. 
Did you send your friend multiple links? This must be the first time that friend got a referral, any additional referrals will not earn a reward, as the promo only works on a first time basis. 
Have they already created a profile with their email and name? Or completed a purchase as a guest on the site? If so, they will not be able to sign up again with a referral link.
If in doubt, shoot us an email and we can help sort out what's going on!

Do I Need An Account?

Yes and no. An account is needed only when you would like to redeem rewards. As a guest you can still interact with points on the site, but until a loyalty program account is created they cannot be applied towards your purchase. 
When creating an account with our store, you will automatically get a loyalty account created for you that you can utilize. However, even as a guest you can still interact and accumulate points, even send out a referral link after you complete a purchase as a thank you. So...if you are the type of person who likes to save money, CREATE AN ACCOUNT! Its the best way to save on future orders!

I Entered My Birthday, But It Didn’t Get My Points.

Birthday Reward Points
Oh no.. you put in your birth date at least a month before your actual birthday, right?? There is a buffer to prevent people from abusing our rewards, or trying to get rewards on the same day as their purchase. If you legitimately missed this reward, shoot us an email.

Can I Use A Promotional Discount Code, As Well As My Loyalty Points On An Order?

Well aren't you the super saver! We currently only allow one discount code or reward redemption to be applied per purchase. You will have the option to select one or the other, unfortunately not both. When we periodically have store wide discounts, you will have the option of entering the discount code, or choosing to use your loyalty reward points. We have to pay the bills somehow, right?

Can I Use My Gift Card AND A Loyalty Promotional Code?

Gift cards are site wide so there is no limit on when they are used. However there are some limits on loyalty points: 
  • You must have enough points to redeem a reward level. 
  • Loyalty points cannot be used in combination with store wide sales promotions. 
  • Points are not issued when you purchase a gift card, however they can be used when you make purchases with the gift card.