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Top 5 Things To Do In Calimesa

October 28, 2020 3 min read

Top 5 Things To Do In Calimesa


Do you live in Calimesa but never took the time to truly explore the area? Or maybe you are driving through and want to see what this area has to offer? The good news is that you will find that Calimesa has a few different things to offer that is going to be interesting for individuals and families alike. Whether you want to educate yourself or simply spend a few hours having fun, Calimesa may be a great way to enjoy the unique area.


1. Crown Village Clock Tower


Have you even been to Switzerland? If not, then you can get a taste of what it is like at Crown Village Clock Tower. Many of those who have visited here say that it takes them back to what Switzerland is like with the way that the building is designed. While here, you can see there are several shops that you can visit. Be sure that you stay for the clock show in which full human sized figures come out to sound the trumpet which is followed by the king and queen. It is a cute show that everyone seems to enjoy seeing. The show is ran a few times per day. 


2. Crafton Hills College


Located just four miles away from the center of Calimesa, this is a small 2 year college that many students in the area go to. This is a non-profit college that does not offer on campus housing, and offers several undergraduate programs. They offer in person classes, as well as those that are online. Crafton Hills College offers a little something of everything for students who are looking for a local college. 


3. Shillington Aquariums


This is a store, rather than an aquarium, but those who visit here are often surprised at the beauty that they have inside. They sell fish and all sorts of aquarium supplies. For those who have recently moved to the area, they will find that setting up an aquarium in your new home can add a sort of splendid environment to your home and Shillington Aquariums is the place to go to get the pros to help with what you need. They have been in business for over 40 years, so they do know what they are doing! Kids often like to come in and take a look at all the fish that are for sale.


4. Retrovolt Arcade


Do you love the classic arcade games? Then Retrovolt Arcade is going to be where you want to go! This is a family owned facility that has been established for years. They offer classic games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, and all those classics that you grew up with. Even today's kids are going to find that this is a fun place to be. 


5. Calimesa Library


For those who are in the area then the Calimesa Libraryis a place to keep stopping at! They host events from month to month, have the latest releases, and offer a slue of other programs. They are definitely a must hit every weekend.


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