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Pasadena - Things to Do beside Meal Prep Delivery

January 11, 2021 3 min read

Pasadena Meal Prep Delivery

Pasadena is one of the areas in California that most people have heard of. It has been the location for several movies that have been produced, and many of those who talk about going to LA County, are talking about going to Pasadena. For those who live here, they know that there is not a day or weekend that will pass that you are going to be at a loss for what to do since there are so many things to do here. For those who are visiting, they may find that they need more time to enjoy all that there is to do.

Norton Simon Museum

This museum is one of the biggest houses of private art collections that you are going to find in the area. For those who love art, this is a must see. There is artwork and artifacts that start from the early 1900s to more contemporary projects that are being produced today. Some of the works that been seen in this museum include “Mulberry Tree” by Vincent van Gogh and even “Branchini Madonna” by Giovanni di Paolo. The museum has many classes, programs and lectures so that you can get the full experience and history of what is housed here. 

The Gamble House

Do you love architecture If you do, then you need to visit The Gamble House. This was designated a historical landmark in 1978. This home will take a person back to 1908 when this was finished by architects Charles and Henry Greene, who designed and furnished the hose for David and Mary Gamble...yes that Gamble in the Procter & Gamble Company. You can get tours of the home throughout the day with a focus on the architecture and the furnishings.

Eaton Canyon Nature Center

For those who want to get out and enjoy nature, they are going to find that the Eaton Canyon Nature Center is the place to be. Many kids love this area as well. The center is 7,600 square foot, while it is surrounded by around 190 acres of nature. You can explore the surrounding area taking in the plants, wildlife and habitats. The center is going to have tons of interactive exhibits, as well as live animals that you can see. There are hiking and equestrian trails, as well as picnic areas so that you can plan to spend several hours here. 


A widely popular technical college is Caltech and it calls Pasadena home. Why does the name sound familiar? For those who watch “The Big Bang Theory”, Caltech was always the college that they are were talking about and being featured in. This has made the college even more famous, though it held its own even before this show became so popular. They offer degrees in engineering, science disciplines, technology and so much more.

Playhouse District

This is just not one place, the Playhouse District is home to numerous art galleries, fine dining experience and theaters. It is the place to go for those who love art and want to catch a show. Here you will find the Pasadena Museum of California and Art, as well as the USC Pacific Asia Museum. The Boston Court Performing Arts Complex, the Furious Theater and the Pasadena Playhouse all call this area home as well. You are sure to find something that is going to catch your attention.

Once you get home from enjoying all that Pasadena has to offer, then you are going to want to make sure that dinner is not a huge ordeal. When you order from My Healthy Penguin you can have delicious and nutritious meals delivered right to your door. There is nothing better than enjoying the area without having to worry about dinner.

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