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5 Things to Do in Eastvale

January 08, 2021 3 min read

Eastvale Meal Prep Delivery Service

When you live in Eastvale, you may be surprised at the history this location has, as well as the several things that are within the city limits or just outside the city limits to entertain you on a long weekend or during a week of vacation. Eastvale is tired to Corona, Norco, Chino and Ontario, and has been an active location for over 150 years. What started out as farmland has transformed into what you see now, which is tons of activities to do and neighborhoods that truly make you feel a part of the area. With this being said, just what is there to do in Eastvale? 


1. Eastvale Gateway


Do you love shopping? Then you are going to find that Eastvale Gateway is the place to be! In this location you are not only going to find some local shops, but national stores that are going to offer everything you need for your needs. For example, some of the stores that are at this shopping center include Dick’s, Kohl’s, Staples, ULTA Beauty, GNC, and more. Plus, there is a cinema here that has the latest releases to catch on a Saturday afternoon. And if you get hungry while here, there are tons of restaurants that call this area home including Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cold Stone, Dickey’s, and Blaze Pizza. 


2. River Walk Park


If you enjoy getting outdoors, then River Walk Park is going to be one location that you should check out. This park has two paths, with one being devoted to those who are riding horses, the other is for joggers, walkers and those who are biking. You can even bring your dog to the park and let them take the trail with you. 


3. Eastvale Community Park


Another park that is great for those who call this area home and especially if you have kids. Tons of soccer takes place here, and if you live in this area, chances are your kids are going to play in this park at one point or another if they are involved in sports. Eastvale Community Center is location in this location as well which offers meeting rooms, gyms, and other activities. 


4. Norco College


From the center of Eastville, Norco College is only 3.3 miles away, and is the college that this town claims as their own. The college often dozens of associate degrees and certificates. And the technical program they offer has been cited as one of the best n the area. They offer programs in this area in game development, entrepreneurship, industrial automation, and many more. 


5. Massage Envy Spa Eastvale


For those who are wanting to get in some relaxing time, they will find that the Massage Envy Spa Eastvale is one of the locations that many locals love. They offer facials and other relaxation services that are meant to help you relax and better handle all the stress that you handle during a given day. If you have felt stressed, then you are going to find help relax you and get you prepared for the week ahead. It is a great experience for those who have never been to a spa before.


Eastvale has much more to offer, you simply have to look for it. And while you are out enjoying your weekend or day, what is the one thing that you don’t want to worry about? That is what you are going to have for dinner when you get home! That is where My Healthy Penguin can be of assistance. We deliver healthy meals right to your door so that you know there is no need to worry about your dinner.

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