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5 Things To Do in Corona

October 28, 2020 3 min read

5 Things To Do in Corona


Whether you are visiting Corona or have recently moved to the area, you will find that there are tons of things to do here. Enough that will keep you busy throughout the weekend or even on a night that you are looking to fill with something fun to do. So, what should you do in Corona? 


1. Corona Heritage Park and Museum


For those who are new to the area, you will find that this area is full of history. And there is no better way to learn about this area than to visit Corona Heritage Park and Museum. You will find that there is more here than just history of the town. There are tons of things to do such as gardens devoted to holding weddings, great scenes for photographers to capture, art classes for kids, meeting spaces for business meetings, and you will find that there are even gardening clubs for those who want to get involved in the local community. There are antiques fairs that are held here throughout the year as well. It is one of those locations that you are going to be able to visit time and time again throughout the year with all the new activities that will be held here. 


2. Stagecoach Park


This is a local Corona park that is going to be a great place to take the kids on a warm and sunny day in Corona. There are covered picnic areas, sidewalks for you to walk around the area and enjoy the weather, a great playground and it all boasts easy access to all of this.


3. Stanbridge University


There are several colleges around Corona that a person can attend. One of the closest is Stanbridge University. This college offers health related programs for those looking to get an Associates, Bachelor and Masters degree in the health field. They also offer career planning services to help their graduate land employment.


4. Skull Canyon Ziplines


For those who are looking for an outdoor activity that is going to be tons of fun and full of some great physical activities, then Skull Canyon Ziplines is going to be the best option for you! This is a zipline that consists of 160 acres and the ziplines are built for the entire family. Even better, they do whatever they can to be eco-friendly in what they are offering. There are several ziplines that you can choose from, as well as a sky gym that will have you practicing your balancing skills high in the air.


5. Glen Ivy Hot Springs


Looking to relax? Then you will find what you need at Glen Ivy Hot Springs! You can even become a member, which is a great idea for those who have moved into the Corona area. After all, who doesn’t love a little relaxing time?! Here you can enjoy an outdoor massage, new menu items on our healthy menu, tons of spa treatments, engage in fitness activities to stay in shape such as yoga classes, and the like. You will find that you should allot at least 3 hours here at Glen Ivy Hot Springs to get the full relaxing experience.


If you are taking a weekend to enjoy all that Corona has to offer, you are going to find that it can be an all day adventure. So, be sure that you plan your meals accordingly. And you can do this with My Healthy Penguin! Here you will find that meals are prepped and delivered to your home, making it easier than ever to have a healthy dinner ready once you get home from a delightful Corona day.

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