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5 Things to Do in Beaumont

October 28, 2020 3 min read

5 Things to Do in Beaumont

For those who live or just travel to Beaumont, there are tons of landmarks, things to do and attractions that bring people to this area each year. To get the true experience of Beaumont, you need to know what these things are so that you can fully enjoy the area!



Snowline Apple Orchard


There are tons of outdoor activities in and around the Beaumont area. And one of these is the Snowline Apple Orchard. This establishment has been in the area since 1898, so it is definitely historical. But, they also offer so many products that many people who are simply passing through this area are going to stop in. Those who have reviewed this location state that the apple donuts are a must try when stopping here. They also offer a winery on side that has hard cider and wines, offer a tasting room, and they even offer an online shop for those who need to get their apple fix delivered to their home.


Mt. San Jacinto Community College


Many people come to Beaumont who have went to Mt. San Jacinto Community College. This is a small, public, 2 year college that is just 4 miles outside of the Beaumont city center. Many people attend this college for an AA, then go into the workforce or transfer to a major university to continue onto their Bachelors degree. It is a small college that offers that hometown feel that many students are looking for. 


Oak Tree Mountain


Oak Tree Mountain is classified as a theme park in the area, but it has widely been known as a great family location to spend a few hours and get some amazing foods. They offer activities like Axe Therapy, Trout Fishing, and Bumper Trucks for the young kids. In addition, there are several restaurants that call this area home such as Apple Annie’s Bakery & Restaurant, Mountain Outpost and Angry Ice. With outdoor seating and clean mountain air, many people come here simply to get away and relax!


Oak Glen Preserve


For those who love the outdoors, then Oak Glen Preserve is a must go! This is a location that is nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains and is comprised on 909 acres! There are several things that call this area home including the Conservancy’s Southern California Montane Botanic Garden as well as the Children’s Outdoor Discovery Center. There are several trails that you can hike and simply enjoy nature. For those who looking to learn, they are going to find that there are several educational programs that many schools take advantage of for their students. In addition, there are festivals and other events held here throughout the year. 


Riley’s Apple Farm


Located just a few miles from Beaumont, Riley’s Apple Farm is one of those destinations that many people try to get out to each year. There is tons of fun that can be found here when the fall hits including the apple harvest, artisan crafts and so much more. 


For those who are going to spend a day enjoying Beaumont and the outlying area, then they are going to find that they are not going to feel like making dinner when they get home. This is where MyHealthyPenguin can be of assistance. With My Healthy Penguin, you can order food that his healthy and sticks to any dietary recommendations that you may have, and have it delivered to your home for the day or even for the week. No one wants to spend hours on a meal when there is so much to enjoy when they are in this area, so it makes sense to make dinner an easy affair!

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