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Why Meal Prep Is The Best Food Option in Orange County Right Now

October 16, 2020 3 min read

Why Meal Prep Is The Best Food Option in Orange County Right Now

The landscape of food and eating has changed drastically in the past couple of months. While going out to restaurants and having parties with our families and friends was once a normal part of our weekly routine, things are a little different now.  

When things started going into lockdown early on in 2020, our relationship with food began to shift. No longer were we able to go out to eat at a whim. A trip to the grocery store became an all-out hassle, and many people were left figuring out how to cook three meals a day plus snacks for themselves (and their families) while balancing their workload from home. 

Even though we are approaching the end of the year and things in Orange County are starting to open back up again, the effects of the pandemic are still resonating with our society and our relationship with food. While some people have been able to use the quarantine orders to their benefit and work on improving their health, others are finding that staying at home for months has led to some less-than-idealunhealthy habits that need to be broken.

Healthy eating is even more important now than ever. If you have some health goals you feel like you need to be working on, or if you’re concerned about keeping yourself and your family safe, meal prepping might be the safest, most convenient option at hand. 

Give yourself a little break from cooking all the time. 

At this point in the year, you might be feeling a little sick of constantly having to cook your food and may be tempted to figure out some other means to feed yourself. This might sound a little contradictory at first, but cooking your food in large batches at the beginning of the day can actuallysave you a ton of time (Link: Increasing Productivity with Meal Prep) throughout the rest of the week. 

Think about it: when you meal prep, you won’t have to turn on the stove for every single meal. Instead, you can cook meals in batches at the beginning of the week and have them readily available once it’s time to eat. Whether you’re still working from home or traveling throughout Los Angeles and beyond, it’s important to have healthy options that are easily available and don’t cost an arm and a leg to access. If you have the time to batch-cook enough food to last throughout your week, you’ll be guaranteed to have healthy food on hand at home without having to dirty any more pots or pans. 

Ordering takeout and food delivery can hurt your health in the long run.

In Orange County, getting food delivered to you can be as simple as pushing a button and having someone bring it straight to your door. Since we are now in the sixth month of social distancing and closed-down eateries, many people have grown accustomed to using restaurant food delivery as an easy way to “eat out” without leaving their home. Unfortunately, doing this too often can have severe impacts on your waistline and wallets. 

If you want the simplicity of ordering fresh cooked food to your door but would like healthier options, consider using a local meal prep delivery service based in Los Angeles. You won’t have to feel guilty ordering in so much when you’re ordering meals specifically designed to keep you healthy. 

Eating at home is still the safest option. 

At the time this article is being written, restaurants in Orange County have slowly begun the processing of reopening. Right now, they are allowed to have indoor dining but at 25% maximum capacity or no more than 100 people. While this may be good news for some, other people may still feel uneasy going out to eat or even heading out to the grocery store. 

It’s no secret that restaurant food was never the healthiest option for those looking to eat clean anyways. Having control of your own meals can ensure they are reaching the dietary standards you need while also limiting your exposure to other people. Even better, using a meal prep service allows you the convenience of not having to cook all the time without sacrificing your health or nutrition for the day. 

Stay safe and healthy out there!  If you ever are looking specifically for a local meal prep company, try My Healthy Penguin! They meals are fresh, healthy, and ready to eat!

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