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The Real Cost of Ordering Delivery and Take-Out Meals

December 01, 2019 3 min read

The Real Cost of Ordering Delivery and Take-Out Meals

 You’ve heard that take-out is bad for you (input cheesy 1990's ads). You know that fried foods and sugary desserts won’t do your body any favors, and you’ve gotten the lecture on avoiding high-fat foods at least a million times. If these warnings and reminders of healthy eating practices haven’t been enough to convince you to switch from take-out to meal prepping or eating fresh and healthy foods, maybe this argument will:Ordering delivery and getting take-out is destroying your monthly budget!

While it’s true that eating delivery and take-out meals can leave you feeling sluggish, prevent you from reaching weight loss goals, and impact your overall health, for some, the convenience factor of fast-food is too difficult to argue. Those brightly colored app icons and inviting ‘special offers’ keep you ordering delivery for dinner time and time again, and before you know it, you’re over budget and overweight. Bring on the comfy sweat pants.

A Hard Look At Finances

Let’s focus for a minute on your budget. Let’s say you order dinner from an Italian restaurant, maybe you give in to your cravings and go for that delicious Chicken Parmesan that has been on your mind since lunch when Phil (that annoying guy from Accounting) walked past your desk carrying a huge plate of it. Chicken Parmesan: $14. Delivery Fee: $3. Tax: $2. Service Fee: $2. Tip: $2. Total: $23 for one meal. I mean, I love a good pasta but come on.

What if you are getting a meal for two? Ordering delivery for dinner for two can cost you upwards of $50 per night, more than $200 a week in dinners alone. Are you seriously happy spending your hard-earned dollars on over-priced, unhealthy, subpar Italian instead of delicious fresh and healthy food for the rest of your life? That’s not including a nice glass of cabernet.

Meal Prepping on a Budget

Realizing your take-out habits might be leaving your wallet begging for nourishment? For the perfect balance of fresh and healthy, convenient, and affordable, you should consider trying out a meal prep delivery service! Meal prepping on your own can be difficult, especially if you are not an experienced cook and don’t have experience meal prepping fresh and healthy options for yourself or creating a weekly grocery budget. 

Many of the clients we serve atMy Healthy Penguin are in the same predicament: Interested in fresh and healthy meal prepping options but unable to find the time or motivation. The meal prep delivery service we offer at My Healthy Penguin makes fresh and healthy eating accessible, even if you are on a budget or strapped for time. 

We are all about convenience, and our meal prep delivery service delivers to dozens of cities all over the Inland Empire in sunny Southern California. Live anywhere from Pomona to Beaumont? You’re right in the zone to get fresh and healthy meals delivered right to your front door! And keep checking because we may be adding more delivery zones soon!

How My Healthy Penguin Saves You Money

Besides being fresh and healthy, themeals we serve at Healthy Penguin are made to be convenient and affordable. Where take-out and delivery meals can leave you spending hundreds of dollars a week,meal prep delivery from Healthy Penguin starts at just $60 for 5 fresh and healthy meals. More convenient than DIY meal prepping and more affordable than take-out and delivery services, meal prep delivery from My Healthy Penguin is by far the most convenient and affordable option to take your weeknight dinners to the next level. 

Discover our full menu of fresh and healthy meals by visitingMy Healthy Penguin online and find out why people all over Southern California are falling in love with our meal prep delivery!

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