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Here’s Why You Should Shop Local When It Comes to Meal Prep Delivery Services

March 10, 2021 3 min read

Here’s Why You Should Shop Local When It Comes to Meal Prep Delivery Services

We know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to meal prep delivery services. Now more than ever, people are excited about options that allow them to get their healthy, balanced meals without having to cook or clean up after, so business is booming. 

Not all meal prep delivery services are made equal, though. Local services that have a small but dedicated delivery area can blow other services out of the water when you’re looking for the freshest and most environmentally-friendly fare you can get. 

Here’s why you should be choosing your local meal prep delivery services, rather than bigger nationwide corporations. 


When it comes to eating healthy, fresher is always going to be better – and the closer your food is to you, the fresher it will be! 

Fruits and vegetables especially begin to lose their nutrients as soon as they’re harvested and out of the ground, so if you want to make sure that your meal prep is nutritious, you’re going to want to eat them as quickly as possible. 

Bigger meal prep companies that ship nationwide may reach more people, but there’s way more involved in the process when you’re delivering food around the country. In order to keep your food safe in these cases, you’re going to need to freeze your food before delivering. 

When you buy your meal prep from a local delivery service in your area, you know that your food has been cooked much more recently, and there’s the small window of time that you can actually eat the food. It can take you to as close to home-cooked meal prep as possible! 


When it comes to food safety, you want to make sure that your food is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, when you use a bigger meal prep service that relies on mail shipping, there’s a level of unpredictability that can spell disaster for your food. 

Packages can get lost or delayed in the mail all the time, which isn’t a chance that you want to take when it comes to food. In addition, the mail service is unpredictable in general, so your package might not be delivered in the window of time that you’re available to grab everything and put it in your fridge. You run the risk of your food defrosting or spoiling this way, which could either present a health hazard or a whole week’s setback if you have to throw the food away completely. 

On the other hand, choosing a local meal prep delivery service that personally delivers food to you minimizes the chance of your meal prep not making it to your fridge in time. With smaller local meal prep delivery services, you’ll know that there’s only a small window of time that you can expect your food, so you can be available and stow your food away without compromising quality or safety. 


In addition to the personal levels of inconvenience that can come from getting your frozen food delivered by mail, you might also want to consider the environmental toll that larger delivery companies can inflict. 

When your food is coming from a big factory somewhere else in the country, there’s going to be a lot of transportation involved: they’re going to be shipping in their raw ingredients so that they can purchase them in bulk, plus there’s the gas and fuel that takes the food from their headquarters to your home. There’s also going to be more shipping materials involved to keep the food to temperature which will also have an impact on our natural resources.  

With food production having one of the biggest impacts on our environment, environmentally-conscious consumers would do well to consider their local meal prep delivery services instead. When your delivery route consists of one local area, rather than an entire country or more, you can rest assured knowing that the way that you buy food has less of an impact on the planet.  


If you want the freshest, most nutritious, and most predictable option for your meal prep delivery service, you’d do best to choose a local option, rather than a nationwide company. Don’t leave your healthy eating plan up to chance! 

If you’re in the Inland Empire and want to find the best local meal prep delivery service around, check out My Healthy Penguin. With meals cooked fresh and delivered weekly, you’ll get all the benefits of a locally-cooked, nutritionally-balanced meal without the hassle!  

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